About this project

PPM was awarded the Rolston project in 2013, near the completion of the tower after the project had stalled with another marketing company. PPM implemented a 12% price increase and introduced a new purposefully-controversial marketing campaign.
An assortment of the development’s most challenging units remained, and marketing budgets were exhausted. Market exposure was almost non-existent, and prospects were not aware of the product’s existence.

PPM took a very confrontational approach and generated massive word of mouth and exposure generated by a single advertisement that was followed up by two additional ads, each creating an outstanding amount of social media coverage and word of mouth.
With a very minimal budget and only one ad per month, PPM created city-wide awareness and had the area buyers discussing the project. The subsequent exposure and word of mouth resulted in multiple sales throughout the summer campaign.
The specifically controversial print ad campaign created both shock and interest in the development. Subsequent ads followed the initial concept and created a strong word of mouth and onsite activity.


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