Designed Success For
Real Estate Developments

Designed Sales Success
for Real Estate Developments


Why We Love
Selling Real Estate

For us, there is nothing better than helping someone purchase a new home. And we’ve helped over 17,000 people do just that. Our experience spans over 20 years and more than 115 real estate projects.  We’ve seen every market condition and through all the cycles, have always been able to put keys into homeowner’s hands.

How We Do It

Successfully selling a real estate project is no accident. It is the culmination of efforts from everyone on our team that ultimately delivers a homeowner their key to a new home. We’ve got the experience to create the best real estate for both our purchasers and our developer partners. Most importantly, we know what it means to be a developer because we’ve been there. We know every aspect of the development process from land acquisition to homeowner move-in. At Pilothouse, we use our development and project marketing experience to seamlessly bring life to new home communities throughout Western Canada.

The Pilothouse
Service Offering

  • Site Feasibility
  • Land Acquisition
  • Procurement of Architectural Services
  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Development and Envisioning
  • Unit Mix and Floorplan Design
  • Interior Design Direction
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Launch Strategy
  • Refinement Campaigns
  • Marketing Execution and Deliverables
  • Ad Strategy & Media Planning
  • Sales Centre Design and Build-Out
  • Amenity Envisioning and Programming
  • After-Sales Customer Care and Home Orientation



Every Project Is Unique

We approach every real estate project with an open mind knowing that every project has a jewel just waiting to be shared. While we have a proven system fueled by sales, we are always striving to create the new “must-see” experience for our buyers, developers and realtor partners.  Whether through our new technologies, virtual products, product design innovation, amenity programming or new geographic location, Pilothouse knows how to match the right people to the right home ownership opportunities.

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