About this project

PPM was awarded the Currents project in 2006. PPM implemented a 12% price increase and introduced a new purposefully-controversial marketing campaign.
Currents is a fractional-ownership resort development located on a remote Gulf Island. Fractional offerings had failed to connect with local Canadian buyers, and the project’s location meant access involved extended ferry or floatplane travel.
PPM presented the development through an advertising and direct mail campaign, supported by an aggressive phone campaign. Respondents were rewarded with powerful tactile collateral to entice onsite visits.

The campaign was a great success, selling out the developments 100+ fractional quarter units on opening sales day.
The locational challenges and objections were overcome with collateral, which included wood-boxed brochures complete with sea glass components and “message in a bottle” direct mail pieces, as well as specifically designed soft, offering-based mass-mail campaigns.


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