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For The 258, PPM redesigned each floor plan to improve utility and increase Pro Forma, then leveraged a unique marketing approach, resulting in a complete building sell out on opening day.

The 258 was located in an area dominated by tower product in better view locations. The original floor plans were outdated and didn’t match the existing available buyers. The location and marketing budget dictated that the sales center be a temporary structure, and that the campaign be presented in a limited time frame.

PPM redesigned each unit, and then erected a 50’ by 80’ circus tent as a sales center, with the interior completed in secrecy and no visible advertising or signage.
Prior to opening, a massive media event launched PPM’s “In-Real-Theater.” Nine computers and sixteen projectors presented full-scale floor plans projected onto the floor while the walls featured time-lapsed video of the suite’s view. Prospective purchasers walked through their selected floor plans and experienced their full-scale suite and correlating views from each room.

The earned media and press coverage delivered the development’s campaign locally and across Western Canada, resulting in widespread buying-interest and PPM selling out the building in less than two hours on opening day.

The secrecy surrounding the 50’ by 80’ circus tent created intense public interest, and PR was used as the catalyst to create rapid brand awareness as the resulting media exposure delivered the project’s unique selling features, along with their coverage of the “In-Real-Theater.”


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