About this project

We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind residential building to take full advantage of its unique position on the river. Our hope was to provide a collectible piece of architecture, for families wanting to stay in the Mission area, and for others wishing to call this wonderful area home.
We formed partnerships with the best architect, the best engineers, the top construction consultants and the best technology providers, in an effort to ensure that our vision became a reality.

For The XII, we’ve designed twelve extraordinary and customizable private residences, combining the amenities of single-family homes, with the finest qualities of luxury condominium living and industry leading technology.
With over 50 years of combined construction and development experience, we believe our vision for this exclusive building has been achieved, and we hope you will be among the privileged few that are as proud to call The XII home, as we are, to provide it for you!


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